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5 Tips to Make Your New Cat Feel at Ease at Home

Welcoming feline friends into your home is never an easy task. Whether you’ve had cats before or this is your first time, every cat is different and each of them needs to be adjusted to their new home. New environments tend to be intimidating to cats, so before the new cat arrives you need to consider several things in that way both you and your cat can build a happy relationship and live a happy life together. Here are five tips on how to welcome your new cat into your home.

Prep the Space

Cats can easily feel comfortable if the space feels safe. Most of the time, cats prefer to explore and figure things out on their own. Making the place safe and cat-proof is your responsibility, you need to prep and ensure that the space has everything your cat needs.

Before moving forward with cat needs and necessities, make sure that you bring the cat to a space that is cat-proof. Cat proofing requires removal of breakables, trash, cleaning materials and plants toxic to your cat. If you have other pets, it would also be best to wait before introducing your new friend to them.

Bowls for food and water, a litter box and a scratching post are minimum requirements when you bring a cat home. Make sure that when you bring your cat friend home, food and water are ready and are both easy to access. If your feline friend is not hungry they will simply skip the food and start exploring.  Do not immediately introduce the cat to the entire house as this can tend to get overwhelming for them.

Keep them in your company

Since you brought your cat friend home, then you need to keep them in your company for the first few days. It’s just like bringing a few friends over for the first time, you don’t expect them to roam around your house unsupervised, you need to show them around and be accessible so that they can ask you if they need help.

Keeping your cat company is not only beneficial for them it also helps you get to know them better. By observing them you get to know their behavior as well as their likes or dislikes and you can tell them what they can and can’t do.

Play with them

It is not enough for you to keep your cat company, it is also important to interact with them on certain times throughout the day.

Prepare toys that can easily get your cat’s attention, this is important to stimulate your cat’s brain activity. Cats are very smart and by playing with them you are showing them that they can trust you and that you have brought them to a very happy place. If you are not constantly available to play with them and keep them company, you can leave them with toys in their safe space and check on them from time to time.

Feline Pheromones

If you adopted an adult cat, feline pheromone products can be considered as they are safe to use. These products help calm anxious and stressed cats. It comes in the form of sprays or diffusers that release a scent imitating cat pheromones into the air which will help your cat calm down.

Introduce to your Family Members

When you think the cat is ready, start introducing them to the rest of your family. If you have other pets, it would be best to introduce them all one by one to your feline friend slowly. Contrary to popular belief, cats can be friends with any other animal as long as you introduce them to each other the right way.

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