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Blue bird perched on a branch

Which Bird Suits You Best?

Birds are popular pets, in fact studies show that more than 5 million households in the US have birds as pets. They come in different colors and with different personalities requiring different levels

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Green iguana perched on branch

Things to Know About Iguanas

Iguanas are one of the most popular type of lizard kept as house pets. However, despite being popular they are one of the most difficult kinds of lizards to take care of and

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Hamster on hand

How to Care for a Hamster

Looking for a cute and fuzzy furbaby, but you don’t have enough room? Well, look no further because hamsters might be the perfect match for you. Hamsters are small enough to fit your

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yellow constrictor snake

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Snakes

Snakes are often used as symbols for betrayal, misfortune and danger. They are usually associated with evil because of biblical references. However, stories aside there are hundreds of lovable facts about snakes which

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cats lined on a window

Tips to Keep Your Cat Occupied at Home

Studies show that cats are by nature hunters and because of their predatory instincts they usually like being outside. Whether it be hunting mice, watching birds or guarding their territory cats in general

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