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Pets love routines!

YepiPet App allows you to track all your to-do’s related to your fur baby in one place. Whether you are a laid-back pet owner or a meticulous pet parent, YepiPet has a selected list of suggested care events for you and sends reminders directly through push notifications.

Yepipet Parenting Style

Curated List of Care Events Based on Parenting Style

Yes, yes, we get it. Not everyone wants to be reminded of simple things like feeding your pet or walking your dog twice a day. YepiPet has made a solution for that! Based on your parenting style, the app recommends a list of important care events you might want to keep track of. Don’t worry, you can always customize your reminder and notification settings.

Laid-back Parent: Get reminders for basic care tasks.

You feed them when their bowl is empty, walk them when they need to ‘go’, and you wash them once in a month… or a few. They are your best pals. If this sounds familiar, you are a laid-back pet owner. Select this option and turn on reminders for the standard vaccines and set your own reminder frequency for bathing your pet.

Balanced Parent: Set up care schedules for grooming and supplements.

Your fur babies are your children. They have their own bed and they have their own toys. They are groomed regularly — everything from the coat, to nails, to defeating. Two walks a day is a must for the dogs and you make sure they get their dental treats, furball paste, and other health supplements. Select this option if that sounds like you.

Affectionate Parent: Track your pet’s training progress and keep a record of your tips.

You raise them BY. THE. BOOKS. You start socializing them at a young age. You are meticulous about what they eat, when, and how much. You want to track their activities and weigh them in daily to make sure they are growing in good health. Select this option if that sounds like you.

Care Reminders

Get helpful reminders directly from the app. Never miss giving medication or simply taking your pet to the salon for a haircut and nail cut. Missing simple tasks could lead to bad consequences like extra vet visits due to medication missed or not administered on time, making the treatment less effective.

Be more proactive in scheduling vet appointments to check your pet’s next vaccination and deworming schedule. You don’t have to worry about the sequence as YepiPet will tell you what’s due and you can check them off once completed. Receive instant and advanced notifications for your pet’s activities to plan ahead of time.

Yepipet Reminders

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