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Pets are naturally playful and active. They can easily contract a variety of illnesses from their surroundings. Unknown to us, some of these diseases can be fatal to our pets. This is why veterinarians emphasize the importance of getting immunization as early as one month old to protect them and their fury friends.

No Easy Way to Manage Vaccination...

Getting your pet vaccinated is very important. It is vital and pet parents need to watch out for it. Navigating what kind of immunization to administer and its timing can be difficult, especially when your pet is still very young. Once a pet enters adulthood, booster shots are still required. Managing vaccination records and keeping up with your pet’s vaccination checklist can be challenging for a busy pet parent like you. YepiPet provides an intuitive, intelligent, and hassle-free way to do so.

Introducing YepiPet Vaccine Management

Keeping an updated and accurate vaccination record is one of the core features of the YepiPet app. YepiPet understands the importance of complete immunizations to the health and wellness of pets as much as veterinarians and pet owners alike. 

Yepipet Vaccination

Comprehensive Vaccine Schedule and Information

Through research, YepiPet has developed a comprehensive vaccination database. When parents add their pets into YepiPet, the app will automatically display a list of core (mandatory) and non-core (optional) vaccinations based on their breed and species. Furthermore, you can read more information about each vaccine and the health problems it prevents.

Intuitive Vaccine Record Management

Aside from curating a vaccination schedule specific to your pet, YepiPet further enables you to easily review and create their needed immunizations. This intelligent feature get rid of the long and tedious way of entering records one-by-one. You can simply review the recommended list and create a vaccination record swiftly by a simple toggle. You can also note which vet administered the vaccination.

Thorough research was implemented to create a comprehensive database of vaccinations based on breed and pet age. This feature has all the information a pet owner needs on possible diseases domestic animals may acquire. This knowledge empowers owners to take better care of their pets.

Intelligent and Timing Vaccination Reminder

YepiPet will also remind you of all upcoming vaccinations. With this app there is no need to worry whether you have forgotten if your pet has been given a certain vaccine or not. The app will keep you informed of all the needed immunizations for the whole year. It will automatically send you a reminder so you can protect your pets from illnesses.

Stay Informed on Vaccination Schedule

As your pet grows, YepiPet will keep you informed of all the vaccinations throughout its life expectancy. Not only will you become more knowledgeable about your pet’s health, but you will also always stay on top of their vaccination schedule.

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