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YepiPet's scheduling and routine care tracking features make pet care simpler than ever.

Pet Care Schedules
Automatic reminders
Routine care tracking
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In case you haven't noticed yet: Pets love routines!

YepiPet App allows you to track all your activities for your fur baby in one place. Whether you are a laid-back pet owner or a meticulous pet parent, YepiPet has a curated list of suggested care events for you and sends reminders directly through push notifications.

With YepiPet’s Routine Care Feature you can easily track every care task you perform on your pet, making pet care easier than ever …



Pet Care Schedules

YepiPet App allows you to easily track your most common pet care activities; from scheduling vet appointments to scheduled groomings.

Automatic reminders

Schedule vet appointments proactively. YepiPet will tell you what’s due! Receive instant and advanced notifications for your pet’s activities to plan ahead of time.

Parenting Style

Based on your pet parenting style, YepiPet prepares a list of important care events you might wish to keep track of.

Routine Care Tracking

Routine care schedules turn into icons that show on the pet dashboard. Tap on each icon, to “log” pet activities. Input photos and instructions about recurring care events.

NEW: Routine Cares

Routine care schedules is a great feature keeping track of your pet’s activities: to set it up, choose the routine care tasks you perform on you pet regularly. These tasks will show on your pet’s dash board. From now on, you can simply log every activity by tapping on it. Based on your pets breed, YepiPet will tell you how frequently particular tasks should be performed. It’s even possible to add detailed notes and photo instructions about recurring care events. 

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