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YepiPet is a smart, feature rich pet care and management app for cats, dogs and many other pet species.

Smart vaccination planning
Smart reminders
Smart shopping
Smart health tracking

Pet care for all regardless of species

Keep everything in one place at a glance with YepiPet. YepiPet is a handy tool to keep track of multiple pets. It allows you to  monitor your pet’s care and health regardless of species. Record your pet’s name, type of animal, breed, gender, birthday, and weight. YepiPet will help you identify recommended care, diet, and activity for your pet’s optimized health and happiness.


Multi-species care

Looking for an inclusive pet care assistant? Look no further because YepiPet has a database that is open to different species. Take care of multiple pets with different species and different breeds with the help of a single app that contains a well researched database equipped to help! 

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