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Giving it raw: Health benefits and risks in feeding your pets raw food

August is the month we celebrate RAWgust, a food trend that encourages raw feeding for pets. RAWgust celebrates the many benefits of feeding pets raw food and essentially encourages pet parents to try feeding their furballs raw or unprocessed food even just for the month of August to see for themselves how raw feeding can improve their pets’ health. If you want to try on this trend here are some things you need to learn about raw feeding.

Potential Benefits

Feeding your pets raw food does not just mean feeding them raw meats, it generally refers to a diet made out of natural and real ingredients which can include fruits such as blueberries and even spinach. The raw feeding movement more popularly known as RAWgust stems from the worry that pet parents experience when they wonder what commercially sold pet food is made out of. Most pet parents find peace in knowing exactly what kind of foods goes into their pets’ stomachs by taking charge of their pets’ diets. Research shows many benefits to feeding pets unprocessed food. Some of the many benefits include healthier and shinier coats and fur, higher energy levels and even improved digestion.

Potential Risks

However, feeding raw is not recommended for everyone because it requires a certain level of meticulousness. Preparing the food to make sure that your pet gets the correct amount of their needed nutrients takes a lot of meal planning, research and preparation which can take a chunk of your time. Research also says that feeding raw carries with it a risk of bacterial contamination when raw meats are not handled properly which can be harmful to both pets and pet parents. Most of the time meats attached to bones can seriously cause tears in pets stomachs especially if your pet’s digestive system is small and not used to processing raw food.

Transition your pets

If you wish to try out the RAWgust trend and take charge of the nutrients that your pets get, then it is best that you ease your pets into eating raw if they have never tried it. Just slowly mix raw unprocessed food into your pets usual meals and see how they like it, you can try a percentage of 50 percent raw food and 50 percent commercial food. If you find the preparation too much of a hassle but still wish to get the benefits of feeding raw then there are several raw food toppers paired with supplements you can buy which you can add to the your pets’ current meal.

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