dog carrying American flag celebrating July 4th, American Independence Day

How to Help your Dog Get Over July 4th

The American Independence Day is a great event where friends and families meet to have a good time, and it’s almost here! However, little do people know that although July 4th is joyful for us, it is especially challenging for our pets. So, take caution because dogs are extremely sensitive to loud noises, fires and large crowds. Fireworks, bonfires, and parades, all of these produce a lot of noise and can be a source of stress and anxiety for your pet. If you don’t want your furbaby to bolt out of your house and run as far away as possible then make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure their safety. Here are a few things you need to take note of to help your dog get through July 4.


When the day breaks, take your dog on a walk. It is advisable that before all the parties begin you exhaust your dog and try to spend all their energy on walks or running or maybe even just by playing fetch. Aside from being good for their health it also gives them their share of fun for the day. After all the walk, rest assured your furbaby is content for the entire day.


Close your windows and lock your doors, place your furbaby in a secure area where they are somehow far from the noise. Doing these things will lessen the visual stimulation that might cause your dog to panic. Also make sure that you are with them to keep them company while the noises are coming up, if it’s not possible just make sure you leave someone to check on them from time to time. This is a difficult time for your furbaby and you need to keep in mind that your dog does not understand why we celebrate this way.

Drown Out the Sound

Turn on the radio or the TV to their favorite show, this helps distract your dogs as well as keep them occupied during the happening of it all. The sounds are pretty scary during all the festivities, so play some music or an episode of your dog’s favorite show and try your best to drown out the scary noises.


During these difficult times hugs are very much required. Understanding the struggles that your dog goes through during this very difficult time is a key aspect in order to successfully hurdle the challenge. Hugs may tend to get suffocating at some point considering that fireworks will go on for hours so make sure you stack up on patience. To help you keep your dog feel secure thundershirts are available. Thundershirts imitate the comfort that a big tight hug gives as it wraps your dog tightly. With a thundershirt you no longer need to constantly be in contact to relieve your dog’s anxiety you can simply sit back and give them pats from time to time.


Drugs are generally frowned upon but for this day you can rely on melatonin to get your dog to sleep and be unbothered by the noise. Melatonin is not so bad either because it is natural supplement good for calming. It is usually administered to help with a variety of problems for dogs so talk to your veterinarian for recommended brands and correct dosage for your dog.

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