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How to Protect Your Dogs and Cats From the Heatwave

A heatwave threatens lives in the Pacific Northwest with extreme temperatures even reaching above 100 degrees. With the weather becoming too hot it is important to keep an eye on your furbabies because if it is too hot for you then it is even hotter for them. To keep you and your pets safe from the dangers of extremely hot temperatures here are a few things to keep in mind.

Access to plenty of Water

Make sure that your dogs and your cats have access to plenty of water because dehydration is a major risk in a heatwave and can lead to death . The body’s cooling mechanism causes it to sweat in increased temperatures for dogs and cats they pant. With the heatwave, it is expected that you as well as your pets will excrete fluids profusely and if the fluids excreted are not replenished, the body will not be able to cool off and heat will build up inside causing organs to shut down. Also, giving your pets gallons of water compared to the usual water in a shallow bowl is ideal to keep the water cool, water in a shallow bowl tends to evaporate faster and will be hotter when taken.

Never leave unattended

This rule rings true even without a heatwave but it is especially important during this time. Never leave your pets unattended in an enclosed space like your car or a room without proper ventilation and no access to hydration. Temperatures inside a vehicle can increase to dangerous levels in a matter of seconds and can cause irreversible damage to your pets so make sure you keep your pet company and keep them in cool places.

Limit Exercise

It’s best to stay away from exercise at this moment because the body might need the extra energy to combat the heatwave but if exercise is definitely required then just keep it in the minimum without going outside. It would be ideal to exercise only when the sun is not around like before sunrise or after sunset. During exercise always bring water for you and your dog so as to avoid dehydration.

Cooling Devices

There are plenty of cooling devices available to keep your pets cool in the midst of this heatwave. Here are a few of them:

  • Cooling mats – These are reliable especially when the humidity in the air is high. Dogs and cats do not sweat through their skin they cool off by panting, by rolling out their tongues. When the humidity in the air is high, water does not evaporate. The temperature stays hot but the air contains so much water molecules that it any more excess water like sweat does not evaporate thus the body will not cool off. By rolling around in cooling pads, dogs and cats will be able to cool off without having to roll out their tongues because the cooling pads will absorb the heat from their bodies.
  • Shoes for hot pavement – It’s never a good idea to walk outside during this heatwave but if it cannot be avoided then shoes are available for pets to walk outside. These shoes protect their cute little paws from getting scorched by the ground which can absorb a lot of heat under the sun.
  • Portable dog water bottle – With this product there is no need to walk around carrying a water bowl, the cover of this water bottle has a built-in dog bowl which is very handy and easy to drink from, the water bottle can also carry more water than a bowl which in return keeps the water colder than that placed on a bowl.

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