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YepiPet App New Features Raise the Standards in Pet Care Industry

YepiPet is a new and free-emerging mobile pet care app created by BiiGreen LLC to assist pet owners in keeping their pets happy and healthy. With its new features, Yepipet delivers a whole new pet care experience that prioritizes the holistic well-being of both pet owners and pets by making pet care easier but at the same time even more comprehensive. The newest version of YepiPet introduces Routine Care Management, Observation and Journaling, and sharing of Health and Care Report. 

YepiPet isequipped with many helpful features that allow pet owners to stay on top of their pets’ care, health, and development. Now, YepiPet has added even more features that allow pet owners to manage routine care activities, document observations important enough to track their pet’s health, and a care summary that contains a detailed record of the pet’s information.

Routine Care Management

In keeping a pet, it is a requirement to keep track of important care tasks. However, whether new to pets and inexperienced or training their 100th puppy, pet owners on their own will not be able to keep track of all the needed care tasks all their pets require 100% of the time. With YepiPet’s Routine Care Management, users can now easily track their most common pet care activities; from scheduling vet appointments to scheduled groomings. This new feature allows pet owners to select their preferred and most regularly used routine care tasks, and even re-arrange them. In addition, YepiPet also automatically suggests recommendations and reminders. The new routine care feature allows pet owners to sit back and relax without having to sacrifice the level of care given to their beloved fur babies.

Observation and Journaling

Another new feature of YepiPet offers an easy way to make observations related to pet care activities, products, even vaccinations and keeps this information stored in one place, where it can be reviewed whenever it is needed. Many pet owners find it really important to keep a record of interesting, unexpected, or even dangerous situations their pets run into.YepiPet can help users track and manage their pets’ health information by writing down observations regarding favorite foods, allergies, and even reactions to medication coupled with photos to completely document the observation.

Health and Care Report

This new feature allows pet owners to confidently entrust their furbabies to friends or caretakers without having to constantly recall every important detail about their pet in danger of missing some details that can be potentially fatal. With one simple tap, the comprehensive, easy-to-use report is automatically generated based on the tracked pet information – allowing pet users to easily share all their pet’s care information which includes detailed medical records as well as their scheduled routine care through a shareable link.

With these new features, YepiPet raises the standard for pet care apps revolutionizing pet care like you’ve never seen it before. The combination of pet management, vaccination, schedules, pantry management with price watch, and sharing capabilities is definitely unique in the market. YepiPet is available for download on iOS and Android. More information about YepiPet is available on and the YepiPet blog.

About BiiGreen LLC and YepiPet

YepiPet’s work is inspired by their genuine love and care for their cats and dogs at home and in their community. YepiPet is the ultimate smart pet parenting app for furry friends. Pet owners and pet care professionals will have the opportunity to work together on the best way to love and care for these animals. Keeping their vaccination updated, completing pet chores, and finding information about their pets has never been this convenient.

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