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Before downloading YepiPet, it was a challenge to keep track of my four pets' medications. Now, the app reminds us when it's time to give medicine and to whom. We're able to keep track of who has had flea meds, heartworm, and other meds, and we're able to give everyone the right stuff on time.
Adam S
We used to drive ourselves crazy, not knowing whether the cats had been fed (which of course they always said hadn't happened yet) only to find out later that we had gave double breakfast and been fooled again. YepiPet lets us quickly check and update the family schedule...no more missed meals or double meals.
Mike S
I love using the care log in YepiPet to keep track of Bruno's walks, treats, playtime, and training, It's really important to me to keep to a good, active schedule, and I'm able to work with my local trainer and vet to make sure our plan is working, and the Bruno stays healthy and happy.
Andrew V
Cool app! I have been looking for ways to be more observant and affectionate towards my pet and this app right here is the answer. It looks newly launched but I am loving the features so far!
John S.
In my area, we have some vaccines that are not in the app. While the reminders for daily activities such as feeding and walking are a little overwhelming. It could be easier if users have different options in terms of parenting style. I believe it’s still new so it will improve. It’s a useful app, nevertheless.
Micheal C.
I have 3 dogs and this app allows me to give each of them equal attention. Thank you so much for developing an app like this!
Amber T.
Offers to track your pet’s immunization, check if they’re becoming too fat with the weight monitoring and body check option, and adjust your pet’s daily activities to keep them healthy. That’s all there is to the app for now but I am looking forward to its development!
Ethan L.
Very helpful app for pet owners! I highly recommend this especially for busy pet owners anxious of balancing their time between work and taking care of their pets.
Sarah F.
This is a new experience for me as a pet owner! Vaccination record, weight monitoring, and an adaptive daily routine tailored for my dog’s breed. This is an all-around pet care app for every pet owner.
Dell M.
I just adopted a 4-month old puppy and knowing all about dog vaccines is extremely helpful! I see myself using this app and downloading every update all the way.
Jimmy Y.

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