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Tips to Keep Your Cat Occupied at Home

Studies show that cats are by nature hunters and because of their predatory instincts they usually like being outside. Whether it be hunting mice, watching birds or guarding their territory cats in general like the stimulation that the environment provides. However, because of COVID-19 staying indoors is now the new normal so the safest bet is to keep a stimulating environment inside to keep them happy and healthy. Here are a few tips to keep your cat occupied at home.

Call a Friend

It’s a myth that cats prefer to be alone. Although often depicted as aloof, research show that cats depend on social groups for companionship. This doesn’t mean that your company is not enough but nothing understands cats better than another feline friend. It would be even better if your cat grew up with the same litter because that would mean less introductions needed and they are more comfortable with each other. However, if you’re planning to add another member of the family to keep your cat company, keep in mind your resources and your time. Groups tend to be a bit more chaotic when there’s less than enough food, water and shelter to go around.


Cats love toys in general but what’s budget friendly and often gets favored over all other expensive toys are boxes that are just lying around. Toys are good to have around but studies show that boxes give cats a sense of comfort as the enclosed space assures them that no predators can sneak from behind. So don’t wonder why you bought a very expensive toy and your cat trades it for the old box beneath the drawers. Boxes keep cats entertained for hours so make sure you keep enough boxes for your cats to play with.

Play With Them

As much as toys can keep cats occupied, nothing beats playtime with you. You can do several things together indoors; you can make them treats, give them cuddles while you chat and there is the occasional pets. However, if you get tired with all of those there’s light play where you can sit back and relax while you amuse your feline friend with a dot of bright light running in circles and up the walls. Lights and lasers tend to be very eye-catching and will definitely keep your cats busy.

Puzzle Feeders

Feeding, often gets much of your cat’s time as they usually like to eat as much throughout the day and sleep as much as well. To help them with their diet and entertain them at the same time, feed them their treats using puzzle feeders. Puzzle feeders are food containers that require extra effort from your cats in order to obtain the treats contained. It contains crevices and certain things to be moved out of the way in order to get to the food. Puzzle feeders stimulate your cat both mentally and physically. Stimulating your cat this way incorporates a reward system that does not become unhealthy as they exert calories in order to get their food.


Place your cat in a room that is well ventilated and has windows. Cats like to look through windows most of the time as it gives them a sense of openness and they like to observe insects or other animals outside. Perched and looking out a window can effectively be an alternative to going outside.

However, open windows and balconies can be very dangerous to cats. During the summer there is an increased rate in broken bone incidents for cats due to falling off open balconies and windows. So, when placing your cats in rooms with windows or balconies, close the windows and doors to balconies or to secure them with nets to avoid accidents.

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