YepiPet: Your Key To Smart Pet Care

YepiPet will change the way you care for your pet! With our smart AI features, this comprehensive app will let you keep up with your pet’s health & wellbeing. From checking off daily activities to monitoring their health and providing them with the best products at the lowest cost, YepiPet is your one-stop-shop for taking care of your furry friends.


YepiPet Works In 40 seconds


Schedule your pet care activities and create easy reminders

Manage your pet's schedule easily. YepiPet recommends different activities that are best suited for the specific breed of your pet and lets you create personalized tasks.

Track and monitor your pet's weight and body shape

Does your pet need a diet or more exercise? Based on weight and body shape, YepiPet will tell you what condition your pet is in – an easy way to monitor their health and wellbeing.


Manage your pet pantry and find products at best price

Keep an easy inventory of your pet products, including their location and expiration dates. Also, never miss your favorite pet supplies at best price again. YepiPet Price Watch compares prices of thousands of pet products across large online retail stores.

Record and manage your pet's vaccinations

YepiPet manages your pet's vaccinations: with intelligent recommendations based on your pet's age and history, as well as automatic notifications, you'll never forget any important shot


YepiPet Features

Yepi Pet’s app all-around features will allow you to provide the best love and complete quality care for your pets.

Daily Activities

Pets love routine! Create a daily schedule for them through our app’s suggested activities. Get reminders throughout the day and monitor your progress everyday.

Price Watch

Get access to the most popular pet stores online where you can browse for your favorite brands and compare prices to check which store offers it at the lowest.

Health record

The key to keeping your pet in perfect health: track allergies, medical condition and medications, be reminders and have a full health report right in your pocket. 


Know which vaccinations are required based on the pet species, get notifications of their vaccine schedule, and make sure that your pet is protected all throughout.


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