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Keep Track of Your Pet's Medical Status

Always up to date: track allergies, diseases and medication for your pet's own medical record.

Easy scheduling
Drug & allergy database
Track allergies and diseases
Track medication

The key to healthy, happy pets.

Taking control of you pet’s information and medical records is a responsibility that all pet parents have. Medical records can come in very handy during emergency situations or even during simple vacations. Be actively involved in your pet’s health, this way you can be sure that they are happy and healthy.

YepiPet allows you to record your pet’s allergy, medical condition, or active medication. With YepiPet, you can now keep track of your pet’s medical testings and avoid unnecessary expenses, as well as easily create medication schedules to ensure treatment plans are fully executed. 



Easy scheduling

YepiPet App allows you to schedule medications, keep track of medical testings and make sure that treatment plans are fully executed.

Drug & allergy database

With YepiPet's extensive drug and allergy database all you need to do is to search the substance and indicate the severity of your pet's allergic reaction.

Track medication

Follow through with your pet's medications and take note of every detail such as the way drugs are to be administered and the time and date for each dose.

Track allergies & diseases

Take note of your pet's allergies as well as the severity of their reactions to certain substances, with YepiPet's database you can easily track all your pet's allergies.

Raise your pet with confidence

Whether you need to visit the vet, have a groomer appointment or need to give away your pet for a business trip or a vacation: There are a lot of occasions where knowing your pets’ medical condition is essential for their health and well-being.

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